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Along with walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers are must-haves in any commercial establishment as well. Made with the same high-performance construction as Kolpak walk-in coolers, Kolpak walk-in freezers are durable, efficient, and economical.
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Walk-In Coolers

A walk-in cooler is a must-have in any commercial establishment. Kolpak is the leader in walk-in refrigeration, and one of these reasons is because they make their walk-in coolers using high-performance construction. Kolpak offers a very wide variety of walk-in coolers, so you can be sure to find one that meets your needs and fits perfectly into your kitchen.
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Kolpak walk-in refrigerators and freezers used in foodservice industries

To ensure the safety of consumers, a temperature-controlled space to house perishable items is a necessity in the foodservice industry.  Kolpak offers the best commercial walk-in freezers and refrigerators at wholesale prices, making it easy to locate and purchase the best machine for your business. These refrigerated spaces will reduce spoilage and waste, and will keep items at an acceptable storing temperature without altering the product.

Rather than purchasing multiple commercial refrigerators for your business, you may decide that a walk-in unit may be more efficient. Kolpack offers both walk-in refrigerators and freezers that are available in a variety of sizes and are built to last. This critical piece of equipment are easily accessible and will provide the space to insure the preservation of your products.

When deciding on what kind of commercial refrigerator or freezer to purchase for your establishment, it’s important to consider the factors surrounding it. A walk-in refrigerator will only require one compressor when most reach-in refrigerators require three. Considering this, you may find that the walk-in refrigerator will require less maintenance.  Considering the workflow and efficiency of your employees, a walk-in refrigerator may be the most accessible option. Add-ons are also available, including the option of placing a ramp at the door to make moving many products at once quick and easy, and place less of strain on the establishment’s workers. The shelving of your unit can be installed to best serve your needs. An alarm can also be installed on the unit, alerting employees of an opening in the refrigeration system so it can be addressed before any spoilage occurs.

Kolpak is the leader in the industry’s walk-in refrigerators and freezers and are made with only high-performance construction. These units will make any foodservice business more efficient and economical, and Kolpak’s selection will guarantee a long-lasting insulated space for consumable products.

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